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Timeless, heirloom-quality photos and the experience you've been longing for

Documentary style photography is the best of both worlds. You are still guided in moments and still capturing the faces of your loved ones. What's different is that you are also capturing the fleeting moments that one day you just notice are different or gone - The thumb sucking, the hair twirling, the silent-but-needed hand holding, their mannerisms, the precious things that make them, them. The googly eyes of the newly engaged, the warmth of a grandparents love, the landscape of your favorite park, the milestone moments, the coloring of your dogs fur.

Sometimes, you know when it's time to capture those little details but the hustle and bustle of life distracts you from getting it done. Don't let the mundane distract you from missing it - The end of something special. It's important to take the time to appreciate the people, places, and memories that make your life meaningful. Cherish the little moments and let's get that session scheduled!

Why documentary style photography?

the wedding investment is $595/hour, capped at 10 hours

With an hourly rate, lets decide what you need for your day!

Hourly rate includes:
Time photographing (requested portraits and documentary style photography), & an online hosted edited gallery.

inclusions and investment

Are you a couple who embraces the beauty of their individuality and the authenticity of their love. Are you envisioning an extravagant wedding or an intimate elopement under the stars? I'm here to capture the essence of your day as you truly experience it — filled with joy, laughter, and the purest expressions of love. From classic and timeless to bold and funky, let me capture the style and personality that makes you unique!

A unique package to tell your love story, for eternity.

The Wedding Experience

For events beyond 50 miles of Salisbury, Maryland a travel fee will apply. For events beyond 100 miles of Salisbury, Maryland an accommodation fee will apply. Check out FAQs here!

The classic Portrait session investment is $595.

Up to a 1 hour session
1-2 outfits
All edited digital images

Now is the perfect time to invest in your family's history...the heirlooms that you will pass on to your future - The memories you will cherish, the laugh you will still be able to hear, the changes in your children and animals as they age, and the love that reflects in your eyes. 

Capturing your special moments and family milestones.

 Up to a 2 hour session
1-3 outfits
All edited digital images

Portrait Sessions

The extended Portrait session investment is $695.

The choice for Senior Portraits, Newborn Sessions, Branding, Self-Love, and Extended Groups of 6 or more. This option allows for a little more time to go between locations, switch outfits, photograph multiple groups in extended families and ultimately gives you a little more time for getting comfortable!

Classic Portrait Session

Extended Portrait Session

For sessions beyond 50 miles of Salisbury, Maryland a travel fee will apply. For events beyond 100 miles of Salisbury, Maryland an accommodation fee will apply. Check out FAQs here!

The choice for Families of 6 or less, Engagement, Maternity, Branding,
and Self Love Sessions.

I am based out of Salisbury, MD but love to explore new places. All of my pricing includes travel up to 50 miles away. If the location is farther there is an additional fee. Are you wanting to shoot in Salisbury? There's a local session option available too!

Are there travel restrictions for your services? Where are you located?


Absolutely NOT! I am firm in saying that these are YOUR memories. I am here to document your special moments, not to sell myself with your images. I will never share without permission. 

I am a private person and don't want my images on social media. Is that an issue?


I know that picking outfits out can be the hardest part! I would be happy to help and offer guidance. From recommending sites or feedback on colors, etc. I am here for you. 

I need some help with what to wear for my session. Can you give me some advice?


frequently asked questions

I understand that there are certain occasions that you need/want your photos back ASAP! I typically send a sneak peek within 72 hours for you to have immediately to use as you please. The full gallery can take up to 8 weeks depending on the season. Weddings take up to 8-12 weeks to get the full gallery.

We are in a hurry to get our photos back. What kind of turnaround do you have?


Part of my style of photography is making sure I capture YOUR memories. Not to create fake ones. I typically recommend photographing around places you are staying or that you are fond of. If you don't have either or want something else I am happy to recommend areas!

We don't have a location picked out. Do you have any recommendations?


I love traveling couples/families! I also know that there is always weather concerns when coming on vacation. I only take two sessions during the week throughout the summer to make sure we have weather wiggle room.

We are traveling to the area for vacation. How do you schedule shoots for that?


Being a photographer that considers herself a hybrid of posed & storytelling, I think it is very important to get the whole gallery of images from the session. I have tried over the years to offer smaller image/session packages but I always feel like it is taking away from my style and craft. You are hiring me (I assume!) based off of my portfolio and style and this allows me to stay consistent. 

Why don’t you offer smaller packages?


I am a firm believer that you should look like yourself in your photos. I do not photoshop people to alter their appearance and will only remove things that distract from the image. We are all our own worst critic and I promise you that people will never look at your images and think anything but love. They see you exactly as you are normally…why wouldn’t they love you as you are in images? I feel so strongly about this because I think it is healthy for REAL expectations of life and beauty. I want your images to be family heirlooms. I want your great great great grandchildren to know what you looked like and if you maybe weren’t perfect like mainstream already tries to condition us to believe.

Can you photoshop xyz?


I don’t encourage props unless they are sentimental or are authentically you. I don’t want to create a Pinterest shoot if it doesn’t actually mean anything to you. I promise you will look back on those props/poses and shake your head wondering why you followed a fad vs. being authentically you! Think timeless not trendy. It’s my job to capture your memories in a timeless fashion… It’s your job to bring the trends that you want to be part of that!

Should we bring props to our session?


I cannot write a good enough review for Lana. She was AMAZING! It was the first time either me or my husband had ever had professional photos taken and Lana made the process so seamless. She put us both at ease and had such a calming presence, everything felt so natural. She was so kind and patient and not to mention incredibly talented! She will most definitely be taking our pictures for life, I will never go to another photographer.

"I will never go to another photographer!"

- Moriah

- Jenna

We put Lana to the challenge & had our photo session on one of the coldest days of the year with 15 mph winds, & a shy, freezing cold toddler...and Lana was still able to make the session SO fun, easy going, and the outcome was absolutely amazing. I had tears in my eyes looking at the moments she was able to capture with our growing family. She provided some professional direction, yet let us be "us" and connected with all of us so well. I left our session feeling like we were old friends. Also - I can't say enough about her communication - very prompt with her responses, easy to get ahold of, and always helpful."

"Lana is pure magic, both professionally and personally!"

- Phoebe

Lana is AMAZING. A truly talented, kind, and professional individual, she went above and beyond for our wedding. We met her ahead of time, and we figured out what photos we’d like and our timeline for our wedding day. She communicated extremely well, keeping us in the loop about everything! We had a blast shooting with her on our wedding day. She even prepared a sneak peek album that was ready ON our wedding day! We are so excited and happy with our photos. Thank you Lana!!!

"Truly talented, kind, and professional - She goes above and beyond!"

- Lauren

Lana has such an eye for detail and captures our family in different stages of life with such elegance and professionalism. She is always a dream to work with and somehow manages to catch the perfect pictures even when sessions feel chaotic with small children.

"She is always a dream to work with and has such an eye for detail!"

- Sarah

Lana is not only an incredibly talented photographer, she is an artistic, creative, skilled and compassionate professional. She advises and encourages each person photographed to show their unique personality; and truly connects with everyone involved. Her heart shines through everything she does, which is truly what allows her artistic skill to flourish in each work of art that she creates!

"She truly connects with everyone involved - Her heart shines through everything she does!"

praise from kind-hearted clients

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